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I recently spent a week recording a new album with The Hannah Yoter Band. We headed out to Hope, Alaska and set up camp/ recording studio at a beautiful log home, complete with a kitchen, bathroom, and bedrooms for recording/ sleeping.

We set up the drums in the main room (which had a beautiful 25′ vaulted ceiling), and put the various band members in different rooms to provide isolation for their respective instrument microphones. The goal was to record the band live, yet have the option to overdub instruments. This plan worked like a charm as we worked 4 long, consecutive days to record 11 songs.

I was impressed with the level of skill each band member brought to the table, and I feel like the band truly captured a special moment in time. A great project to be a part of.

Currently, we are recording Hannah’s vocals, along with a few other overdubs. Stay tuned for release info. Until then, check out www.hannahyoter.com

I just finished recording the debut EP from Anchorage duo Saturday Cinders. The band, comprised of singer and guitarist Rodolfo “Ro” Chavez and vocalist, pianist, and guitarist Rayne Rabe, formed in June of 2014. Their work explores different musical ideas and seeks to create a feeling of shared experiences through storytelling.

Rayne and Ro were a pleasure to work with in the studio, and they really worked hard to create something they were proud of. Look for thier EP, “We Marry In The End” to drop digitally on 2.14.16

Read the full review here at Glide Magazine.

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Evan Phillips is having a hell of a year. Fresh off Resolution Road, his beautiful collaboration record with Tim Easton and Leeroy Stagger (Easton Stagger Phillips), Phillips’ new solo album Silhouettes continues his streak of gorgeously smooth pop country songwriting. Silhouettes is, in many ways, a throwback record. It has all of the moody, sparse quiet of a Simon and Garfunkel record, but it’s got soaring pop hooks to boot. It’s rootsy, but elevated and ethereal, and its intimacy is almost enough to break your heart into piece.

Produced by Phillips himself, Silhouettes has a clear and focused identity. You can hear the control he has over his sound in every note, and no song feels out of place. His voice is also strong and clear, making his layered melodies really take off, particularly on the smooth “Falling Down”. The melody flows easily and sweetly, with just a hint of darkness. This one, like a handful of others on Silhouettes, is a true road song, centered around goodbyes and the distances between. And when it gets to the bridge and you get that unexpected “bah-bah-bah-bah” background harmony, it’s surprising and subtle in the best way. This song is Phillips’ gem, and he smartly opens with it.

The spare and stunning acoustic guitars on Silhouettes often take the spotlight, as in the purely instrumental “Afterschool Special”, a strange and mysterious track that seems to come out of nowhere. Yet, it fits, and it’s so majestic, somehow maintaining that road song vibe with its driving melody. It’s almost impossible not to feel like you’re staring out at a dark highway, hypnotized by the beams of the headlights.

“Silhouettes”, the title track is another tune shrouded in a kind of magic mysteriousness. The hushed, whispery vocals are set against twinkling guitar notes that sound like they’re shooting out delicate rays of light.

The second half of the record is so full of addictive pop hooks, from “Let Me Let You”, to “Lonely Mountain”, “Space Walker” and “Guess I Was Just Young”. Not one of these songs misses the mark. Elements of singer-songwriters like Josh Rouse, Jeff Tweedy and Ryan Adams show themselves, especially in “Space Walker” and “Lonely Mountain”, and “Lost in the Night”. The catchy choruses are undeniable and impossible to forget, like great pop songs ought to be. Phillips’ voice is wistful, smooth and sweet, turning it up when he needs to and containing it beautifully.

There’s an exciting energy to this record, as though it’s a vibrant release for Phillips. If Silhouettes is any indication, Phillips is bursting at the seams with picturesque rootsy tunes he is eager to share. And if they sound anything like these ones, we’ll be just as eager to listen.

DSC_1120_Low I’m extremely excited to announce Alaskan album release tour dates with Seattle-based songwriter Courtney Marie Andrews. Courtney sang all over my new album Silhouettes so it seems fitting to have her share the album release shows with me. Courtney_Andrews Also, my buddy and Nashville-based piano/organ player Matt Rowland (Rayland Baxter, Bobby Bare Jr.) will be joining the tour for a few full band shows. Matt_Rowland Additionally, I’ll have a host of great Alaskan players joining us for select full band shows including: Martin Severin, James Glaves, Aaron Benolkin, and James Dommek Jr., and we are going to put on some really fun shows!

Alaska Tour Dates with Courtney Marie Andrews & Friends
Thursday, May 28     House Show     Anchorage, AK      7:30pm
Friday, May 29          The Grove         Talkeetna, AK        7:30pm
Saturday, May 30      House Show     Fairbanks, AK       7:30pm
Wednesdsay, June 3 House Show     Palmer, AK           7:30pm
Thursday, June 4       House Show     Anchorage, AK     7:30pm
Friday, June 5            Taproot (early)  Anchorage, AK     7:00pm       $12 (Buy Tickets)
Friday, June 5            Taproot (late)    Anchorage, AK     10:00pm     $12 (Buy Tickets)
Sunday, June 7          Studio 2200       Anchorage, AK     7:30pm

*For House Show info contact evan@monolithagency.com*


Today I launched a 21 day Kickstarter campaign to cover the costs of vinyl and cd duplication for my new solo album Silhouettes. As well as being a good avenue to simply pre-order the album on digital, cd, and vinyl formats, I’ve also got some fun rewards and incentives including: individual songwriting workshops, personalized recording sessions, and house concerts.

Also, everyone who becomes a backer will receive a digital download of Silhouettes one month before the official release on Tuesday, May 19.

Thanks of the continued support and enthusiasm about this project. It means the world to me.

– Evan

photo Photo: Jason Shea

As 2014 comes to an end, it’s time to look back at the focal points of another productive music year. 2014 was excellent for me as I got to complete some long-held artistic goals, working on my own projects as well as others’. Here’s the highlights:

In January I travelled to Fairbanks, Alaska to record and co-produce a new album with one of Alaska’s favorite bands, The Super Saturated Sugar Strings. This was a new experience for me as it was the first project I had recorded for another band completely on my own. We worked for 10 days in Fairbanks, then completed overdubs thru the spring in Anchorage. The finished product, Heart-Shaped Leaves, was released in June 2014 and was capped with a very memorable album release show. Here is the award winning video (by The Dean Brothers) for the song ‘Haunted’:

Super Saturated Sugar Strings “Haunted” (Official Video) from the Dean Brothers on Vimeo.

In April, I started working on a recording project with Alaskan songwriter Emma Hill and her bandmate Bryan Daste. Although I’ve worked with Emma for many years thru Monolith Agency, this was the first time we had collaborated on an artistic level. The project went seamlessly, and Emma released Denali in October to a multitude of excellent reviews. Below is the amazing video (by Eric Power) for the single ‘Lioness’:

Another project I got to see come to fruition was Jonathan J. Bower‘s album Hope, Alaska. Although we had recorded the album in 2013, it was finally released in October 2014. Congratulations to J-Bow for pushing himslef into new sonic territory with this one. A really fun album to work on:

Although I was really active working with other bands, there had to be some time for my own projects, right? In May, my band Easton Stagger Phillips (Tim Easton, Leeroy Stagger) released our second full length album, Resolution Road. The album was fortunate to receive critical press and significant radio airplay in the U.S., Canada, and Europe.

photo 1

To cap it off, ESP got together for our first tour of Alaska in over 5 years. We played a handful of awesome house concerts, and a few full band shows that culminated at Salmonstock Music Festival. Big props to Martin Severin, James Glaves, James Dommek Jr, and Megan Palmer for rocking in the band with us.

But my music world wouldn’t be complete without The Whipsaws. We played a lot of great shows this last year, and celebrated our 12th year playing together as a band. I’d say the highlight show of the year was opening for the Alabama Shakes at the new Alaska Airlines Center in October.
20140913_The_Whipsaws_58 Photo: Jason Shea

I’m really looking forward to 2015. In May I’ll be releasing my new solo album tentatively titled Silhouettes. This will be followed by an Alaska tour. Easton Stagger Phillips is planning another Alaska tour in July-August, and The Whipsaws are planning on entering the studio in September to record our 4th full length album. Thanks for the support everyone. Music is the best thing ever!

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