A Week With The Hannah Yoter Band

HYB_Hope Photo: Jason Sear

I recently spent a week recording a new album with The Hannah Yoter Band. We headed out to Hope, Alaska and set up camp/ recording studio at a beautiful log home, complete with a kitchen, bathroom, and bedrooms for recording/ sleeping.

We set up the drums in the main room (which had a beautiful 25′ vaulted ceiling), and put the various band members in different rooms to provide isolation for their respective instrument microphones. The goal was to record the band live, yet have the option to overdub instruments. This plan worked like a charm as we worked 4 long, consecutive days to record 11 songs.

I was impressed with the level of skill each band member brought to the table, and I feel like the band truly captured a special moment in time. A great project to be a part of.

Currently, we are recording Hannah’s vocals, along with a few other overdubs. Stay tuned for release info. Until then, check out www.hannahyoter.com

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