The ‘Life + Shift’ of Sophia Street

Life + Shift

Last year I heard whisperings around town about a young songwriter who had just moved to town from the Kenai Peninsula. All I knew was that her name was Sophia, she just turned 21, and apparently her voice was “amazing”. A week later I found myself at The Taproot open mic hoping I’d stumble into her. Sure enough, an adorable, punky looking kid graced the stage and started playing her guitar and singing. As soon as I heard the chorus, “come on, come on it’s a life shift…” I was hooked, and the rest is history. Sophia’s new EP, Life + Shift is being released in May, 2013. Click HERE to buy or stream the album.

Sophia is one of the those rare talents that comes along every so often and you say to yourself, ‘this is the real deal’. Her penchant for hooks and catchy melodies is effortless, and her voice is exactly what i heard thru the grapevine a year ago: amazing.

I feel honored to have co-produced this collection of songs (with Andy Tholberg), and I am so excited to see the direction Sophia will take her music and art career. A true blossoming talent that Alaska is lucky to have.

Sophia is celebrating her EP release alongside Spokane, WA band Terrible Buttons and Clint Samples at Taproot, May 25.

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