Marmoset Music and other news

Last month I started working with Portland-based boutique music licensing agency, Marmoset Music. They seem like a bunch of great cats and they seem stoked to work with me so I’m pretty happy about it.
EP Photo courtesy of Alex Lewis @ Oregon Public Broadcasting

Other than that things have been busy with Monolith Agency and I’ve worked with some great Northwest bands including: Terrible Buttons, Alameda, and Ezza Rose Band. We were also recently excited to see Monolith Agency get a nod from NPR’s ‘Marketplace’ courtesy of freelance reporter Alex Lewis. You can listen to the segment here.

This fall I’ll be playing a few shows solo and with Molly Mcdermott, as well as working on a new record with my good friend Jonathan Bower. Lots of great things happening. Let’s all keep working hard and moving forward.

Talk to you soon.

– Ev

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