Welp, looks like we are making our second album in January! So excited! We did it!

The Story

In the winter of 2008, Tim Easton (Nashville, TN), and Leeroy Stagger (Lethbridge, AB), and Evan Phillips (Anchorage, AK) got together in a cabin in Girdwood, Alaska to do some recording. The three roving troubadours wanted to capture a collection of songs that had a ‘front porch’ feel. The result was a full length album, ‘One For The Ditch’ and the beginning of a new band, Easton Stagger Phillips.

ESP released their debut album in the fall of 2008, touring Alaska as well as Ireland and Europe. After that, the band went separate ways, each of them focusing on their respective solo and band careers.

Four years have passed since ‘One For The Ditch’ was released. With the band’s personal and professional lives getting busier by the year, it seems there’s no better time than the present to get together and make some more music. That’s why ESP has decided to make a new album now.

In January, 2013 Tim and Evan will pack their things and fly to the barren, windswept prairies of Lethbridge, Alberta to record at Leeroy’s basement studio, The Rebeltone Ranch. Once there, they’ll spend 2 weeks recording and mixing a brand new batch of songs they’ve been writing over the last 4 years. The band’s artistic bar is high, and the goal is simple: to make the best record possible for themselves, and for their fans.

“The exception is the Whipsaws, a ’70s groove-rock-slanted band celebrating their tenth anniversary, making them the scene’s eminence grises. Or something. I’m told that they are “Alaska’s band,” the one that fishermen play in their boats. Whipsaws lead singer Evan Phillips is a chief nexus for everyone here. He produced Mackey’s record and runs the Monolith Agency, a booking firm that handles many local acts. Phillips, in his mid-30s, stresses that the talent level and sense of community is the strongest it’s ever been.”

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Quite possibly had one of the funnest shows of my life at the Brown Bear Saloon last night w/ The Whipsaws & Marcus Bently.

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What a long strange trip it has been. November 2012 will mark 10 years for us as The Whipsaws. Over the years we’ve toured all over the country and we are proud to remain an Alaskan band. We’d like to thank our friends, families, fans, co-workers, acquaintances, bartenders, baristas, cab drivers, life coaches, fellow musicians, and artists for your love and support over the past 10 years. Thank you all.


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