Going Big With The Super Saturated Sugar Strings


In January I headed north to Fairbanks, AK to make a record. My good friends Tim and Karen Foote had graciously offered their vibe-filled Roundhouse for the recording and production of the new Super Saturated Sugar Strings album. I’m not gonna lie: I was super stoked!

We departed Anchorage on January 16 (as the temperatures rose to 40+ degrees, turning the streets into ice skating rinks). After an eventful 8 hour drive, we arrived at The Roundhouse just in time for Carlyle to whip up an amazing meal. The band slept in rooms. I slept on the fireplace mantle. No internet. No distractions. Just the birch trees and northern lights. Perfect conditions to make magic.

We started the morning of the 17th and didn’t stop for 10 days. We worked 12+ hours a day…everyday. The songs were emotional and carried weight. Kat cried while she sang her heart out for friends lost. I cried too. Carlyle kept us going with the amazing meals he cooked every morning and evening. He also played some mean guitar solos. Theresa told silly jokes and made me laugh. She also played her cello thru a tube amp with an overdrive and delay pedal. Miriah made the fiddle sing, and sing, and sing. Did I mention sweet vocal harmonies happened? Basically, magic was made.

Let me tell you folks, this album is amazing, and I can’t wait for you all to hear it. We are in the process of doing some overdubs, and putting the final touches on before James Glaves mixes it. Stay tuned and stay excited. It will be worth the wait.


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